Scientific Conference , devoted to the institute decennary
Uzhhorod , 23 September 2002


Foreword by Prof . O.B.Shpenik

Achievements and prospects of   the trend in gas quantum electronics in IEP
V.A.Kelman (IEP NASU, Uzhgorod )

Physical Faculty at the threshold of millenia
L.L.Shimon ( UzNU , Uzhgorod )

On a construction of realization of matrix differential operators for rank 2 algebras
C.Burdik ( Prague , the Czech Republic )

Theoretical studies of atomic processes and electromagnetic field in the Department
of   Theory of Elementary Interactions
I.Yu.Krivsky (IEP NASU, Uzhgorod )

Autoinizing phenomena at the collisions of electrons with atoms and ions
A.I.Imre (IEP NASU, Uzhgorod )

f0(665) state and chiral symmetry
M.Nagy ( Bratislava , Slovakia )

The effect of fragment deformation on the decay of heavy nuclei
D.I.Sikora (IEP NASU, Uzhgorod )

Akademik Vernadsky Ukrainian Antarctic station in year 2000-2001.
Ya.P.Kutsenko ( Uzhgorod )

Single crystals for functional electronics
P.P.Puga (IEP NASU, Uzhgorod )

Optical properties of bulk and quasi-zero-dimensional semiconductor crystals , irradiated by high- energy electrons
D.B.Goyer (IEP NASU, Uzhgorod )

Elementary processes of collisions of electrons with atomic systems
J.E.Kontros (IEP NASU, Uzhgorod )

State and prospects of academic nuclear physics in Transcarpathia
V.T.Maslyuk (IEP NASU, Uzhgorod )

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