[hep-ph/9802316] Parametrising the proton structure function

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, abstract

From: francesco.paccanoni@pd.infn.it

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 10:36:36 GMT (20kb)

Parametrising the proton structure function

Authors: L.L. Jenkovszky , A. Lengyel , F. Paccanoni
Comments: 14 pages, Latex + 3 figures, postscript
Report-no: DFPD-TH-98-10
Journal-ref: Nuovo Cim. A111 (1998) 551-560
We show that simple parametrisations at small x of the proton structure function work so well in limited regions of the $(x,Q^2)$ plane because they are approximately "self-consistent" solutions of the QCD evolution equation. For a class of them, we predict their $Q^2$ dependence and compare the result with experimental data.

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